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“I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.”

Woody Allen

“...Lost in your heart, lost in your eyes
Lost every day, no map to follow
Entire days, weeks, a blur
Flickers of light, in the darkness,
Only to be enveloped in shadows once more...”

Peter Winstanley








Love Sickness or Love Struck

You have met somebody who you have fallen in love with but you have stopped sleeping, gone off your food, become dreamy, or have started having headaches and feeling sick.

You love somebody but they are not interested in you and this has made you feel depressed and ill. For help with this form of love sickness go to Unrequited Love.

Physical symptoms are very common when we fall in love - it is a testament to the power and importance of love in our lives. Excitement, inspiration and joy are good things when we meet somebody, but this can develop into quite debilitating behaviours and symptoms if we do not handle our emotions effectively.

If you have a bout of lovesickness, it is probably as much to do with the fear of losing your love interest from your life, as it is the passion and expectation of the relationship. This fear comes from a level of dependence - you need your partner to make you feel good. While that has begun to happen, you then become terrified that you will lose them again. Hence the fear and the symptoms.


Here are three ways to move through love sickness:

1. Recognise that the love sickness is a good thing. It shows that you have a big loving heart, and that you are a sensitive, empathic person. This will help you build a really strong and loving relationship.

2. Focus on the person you have fallen in love with and visualise pouring all the love you can into them. See them receiving this love. Trust that the love you have for them can heal any fear that you might have about the relationship or about yourself.

3. Enjoy the ride! - falling in love is one of life's most wonderful experiences, so savour it.



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My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand why you might be feeling lovesick and use this to improve your relationship.







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