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"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans "

John Lennon






Too Busy For A Relationship

You are too busy to find the time to meet a partner.

Your work demands a great deal of your time.

You are always rushing around.

If you are too busy with other aspects of your life, it suggests that you are not placing a very high priority on finding a partner. This may be because you are resistant in some way to joining your life with another person. This is probably due to you wanting to keep your independence.

A desire to remain independent may indicate an unconscious fear of entering into a partnership because of its potential for raising insecurities and painful emotions that you have buried in the past. It is your unconscious fear of raising these old feelings that keeps you busy and away from the intimacy that characterises a successful relationship.


Here are three things you could do to let go of your busyness and invite a partner into your life:

1. Notice how your busyness distracts you from the most important part of your life - your relationships. Can you honestly say that you want a relationship 100%? If not, what benefit is not being in a relationship seeming to bring you. Challenge this benefit.

2. Make your relationships a priority. Start giving yourself quality time as well. Go out with friends, go dancing, join a club or do whatever it is that will allow you to meet new people.

3. Rushing around and being busy means that you will miss the moment - which is where happiness lies - its not in the future. Find a way of calming your mind. Take up meditation and start getting to know the real you. As you slow down you will become more present and available to potential partners. Soon somebody will enter your life.


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