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Turning Everything Yo Know
About Love on it's Head



The old way of thinking about love...

Most of us have a sense that we lack love and must therefore bring it into our lives. This assumption has created an outward search for love that damages our relationships and causes emotional suffering. This is at the heart of all our relationship problems.
Here's a different way...

Love is not a transient emotion or something that you lack and have to bring into your life - it is an intrinsic and unchanging part of you, in short...

Love is your essence
(click to see how modern physics supports this idea)

Turning Love on its Head

This new definition has some startling implications:

- If our essence is love, then we must have it in limitless supply.

- We no longer need to search for love because we already have it.

- Although we may stop feeling love, we cannot lose it.

- Our experience of love is not determined by the amount of love we bring into our lives, but by the amount of love that we allow ourselves to feel.

- The quality of our relationships will depend on how much love we are willing give to people and receive in return.

These are challenging ideas. If it is true that our essence is one of love and we have it in abundant supply, then the first and most obvious question we will ask is: Why don’t we experience love and happiness more often in our lives”? The truth is that we could do so, but instead we place a number of conditions on whether or not we access our loving essence. In holding back the love, we erect barriers and create smokescreens that hide us and other people from our true identity and potential forgood relationships.

If you are Interested in applying these ideas to your relationship, my book Bringing Back The Love contains a thorough explanation of why relationships run into trouble and how to rediscover the love that brought you together with your partner in the first place...


Turning Love on It's Head

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