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worry and anxiety
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"Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity"

TS Eliot






Anxiety & Worry

You or your partner often worry about things.

You can feel anxious, often for no apparent reason. At worst this can
develop into panic attacks.

You have a sense of dread about the future - as if something awful is going to happen.

You suffer nightmares in which you are often being persecuted or blamed.

The anxiety is often associated with depression.

If you or your partner suffer anxiety and worry, it shows that you have turned away from your natural state of love and connection. Your mind is filling with fear because you are inadvertently holding back the love.

Anxiety is often associated with depression because the turning away from love is really a turning away from life - towards fear - something that is profoundly negative.

Although the feeling of anxiety is very draining, it is not all bad news. It shows that you are a very sensitive person with a big heart and the next page will help you to reveal this let go of the anxiety and worry.


Here are three things you can do to ease your anxiety and take away worry:

1. Start seeing your emotional sensitivity as a positive thing. Yes it has lead to the anxiety, but realise that this comes from your big heart and that you have a lot of love to give to yourself and other people. If you can embrace the love that lies within you and is available to your through your relationships, the negative feelings can be re-directed into positive ones.

2. Anxiety is a form of fear and it enters your mind when love is lacking or absent. At some point you must have moved away from your natural state of self-love. Try to identify when this happened and to heal any negative self-beliefs that came out of any difficult experiences earlier in your life.

3. Anxiety, worry (and depression) are very isolating conditions. Therefore make every effort to connect with the people around you and to give them love. This will automatically make you feel better. It is love and connection that takes away fear, so take every opportunity to do this.


Anxiety and worry can be devastating conditions, but they are curable. My book (link below) describes the causes of anxiety and worry and shows you how to discover more self-love - the only long-term way to end the horrible feelings.

Need More Help?....

My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand and heal anxiety and worry

anxiety and worry















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