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arguments and rows
...helping you find true love and happiness through your relationships




Arguments, Disagreements
& Rows

You and your partner often find yourself arguing.

You never seem to agree about anything.

Rows can erupt even over the most trivial of things.

You feel tired and drained from the disagreements, and the joy and love is in short supply in your relationship.

An argument or row is a power struggle where you and your partner are trying to have your needs met, but neither of you is able to achieve this, or is willing to give up the fight. The argument gets heated because the unmet needs create feelings of hurt. Rather than show this, you will either become even more angry with your partner, or withdraw from them - they will then do the same with you.


Here are three ways to bring the arguments and rows to an end in your relationship:

1. Become aware that you are in an argument and make a conscious decision to stop arguing. Say nothing that will inflame the situation. Breathe deeply and calm yourself down.

2. Think about what need is not being met for you - it will be the same need that is not being met for your partner. Now comes the challenging leadership piece - start fulfilling this need for your partner. For example, If you feel misunderstood, seek to understand your partner by asking them what they are thinking and feeling.

3. Make it clear to your partner that you want to help them and your relationship by ending the arguments and rows, and that you are keen to find out what is causing them. Your willingness to see their side of things is usually enough to take the energy out of the fight and to re-open their heart. They will then start meeting your needs better.


Need More Help?....

My book Bringing Back The Love describes all the naturall stages of a relationship and explains why arugments and rows appear in the power struggle stage. It then shows you how to move through this stage an discover partnership and true love.


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