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...helping you find true love and happiness through your relationships

"I just want to thank you for unlocking in me a new way of thinking, that has helped me get through recent and past events, and helped me to re-think and also re-structure my life. This has had a knock on effect in my work and relationships, and has given me insight into how the world works. This is an incredible life tool, and I have only just touched on this and feel so much more connected with life. "
Richard R.

"Peter's work is truly inspirational. He works with the utmost empathy and integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending his skills as a life coach/facilitator to any organisation or individual looking for inspiration."
Barbara H




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About The Coach - Peter Granger

Peter with his wife Claire

I turned to personal coaching and relationship counselling relatively late in life - in fact the journey to this point has been one gradual self-discovery. I started my career as a scientist involved in the technical aspects of oil and gas exploration. Although I enjoyed this work immensely, while working for BP I started to become interested in organisational psychology. I felt that much of my own potential and that of my colleagues was being wasted through poor management and believed there must be a better way to motivate people. This led me to develop my own range of business creativity and innovation courses that I still run for a variety of industries.

But this was not the end of the journey - I still had an urge to learn more about people and what makes them tick. What I hadn't expected was that the break-down of my marriage would become a watershed in my life and the start of an exciting inward exploration. I had to somehow understand how my marriage had failed and why I felt complete devastation in the aftermath.

That knowledge and self-awareness came in the form of a series of relationship workshops run by the Psychology of Vision organisation - a group of amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping people find more love, happiness and spiritual meaning. I learnt so much in such a short time and at last I had a better understanding of relationships, particularly the one with myself. With this knowledge many of the blocks and insecurities I had experienced in my life fell away.

In the past I have been a trainer with The Psychology of Vision organisation, and now offer one-to-one coaching in the subject of emotional intelligence and relationships. I also run business courses and act as an executive coach in the areas of leadership, cultural change and innovation.

I have two children from my first marriage, and four step-children from my second marriage. I live in a beautiful part of Essex, England. I am interested in painting and drawing, writing, walking, gardening, home improvement and have been known to juggle!

I have written tww book which are available through this site and Amazon:

Lovecoach - How To Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams

A Model For Love - Understanding The Psychology of Vision Model

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