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bored and a feeling of deadness
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"If you are bored, take a risk"






Boredom & Deadness

You are bored with your relationship and your partner.

Life has lost its excitement and zest.

You long for those feelings of romance and love that you experienced when you first met your partner.

Your relationship is in what is called the Dead Zone. If you have become bored with your partner and your relationship feels dead, it is not because you have become too familiar with them, or they have changed - it is because you have become emotionally separated from them. In doing so, both of you would have stopped feeling your full spectrum of emotions, and this makes it difficult to feel the sensations of love, passion, or the vitality of life.

Here are three things you can do to introduce some spice back into your relationship and your life:

1. The key to bring more excitement and passion into your relationship is to go back to the beginning, to the time you feel in love (assuming you did that!). At this point both of your hearts were open - so the challenge is to re-open them again.

2. You will need to start taking some emotional risks (you have both stopped doing this) and this means becoming more honest with each other. There are issues that you have both deliberately avoided and it is in defending these that you have inadvertently closed down your hearts.

3. Do something romantic together. Go away somewhere that you would both love and do something different. Spoil yourselves a bit and really appreciate each other. If you can break out of your old emotional habits you will fall back in love again and then it will be another honeymoon all over again!

Note: The Dead Zone can seem impossible to escape but it is in fact the gateway to the next and much more fulfiling relationship stage - Partnership and True Love.


The Dead Zone is a horrible place to find yourself but it can be escaped. My book explains in detail why you might have slipped into it and how to get out again.

Need More Help?....
My book Bringing Back The Love devotes a chapter to the Dead Zone and how to escape it so you can feel more inspired and excited about life and relationships.


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