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The Stages of a Relationship - Dead Zone

Which stage is your relationship in?

Please note : There is nothing wrong if you find yourself in either the Power Struggle or Dead Zone stage - these are natural stages that all relationships evolve through. This website and my books will help you move through each stage easily to find more love, passion and joy.




Stages of a Relationship - Dead Zone



You meet somebody who you are very attracted to and who makes you feel incredible

You accept them for who they are
- to you they are perfect

They feel exactly the same
about you

You have fallen in love and catch a glimpse of your true state of being

You are both very happy


As time passes your partner begins to do things that upset, frustrate or annoy you

You begin to fall out of love

You argue, have rows or withdraw from each other

You believe your partner is the cause of your relationship problems. If only they would change, things would be better. Your partner feels the same about you!

You start having doubts about your relationship and might end it (or your partner ends it)



Assuming you stay together:

To avoid the pain of the power struggles, you and your partner subdue your emotions by closing down your hearts, but this also stops you experiencing love

You increasingly withdraw from each other emotionally and physically. Your relationship becomes starved of love, intimacy and joy

You do not communicate about anything that is emotionally meaningful

You are bored and frustrated with your partner and your relationship. It is dead and you feel stuck

You long to experience love and tenderness again and might be tempted to have an affair

Solution: Take some emotional risks to communicate about your feelings and re-open your hearts

I describe in detail the origins of the dead zone and how to escape it and rediscover the love that brought you together in my book
'Bringing Back The Love'

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(These stages are based on the model for relationships originally developed by Dr. Susan Campbell and adapted by Dr. C. Spezzano)

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