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depression and anxiety

Courtesy Josie Reavely

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"Do you ever have those times you cry and you don't know why?"

  Author Unknown








You or your partner suffer periods of anxiety & depression.

You often feel 'down', lack energy and have little enthusiasm for life.

You find it hard to get up in the morning and don't feel like going out of your home.


Depression is one of the most common emotional disorders, and virtually everyone will experience it at some point in their lives. Unfortunately it has been a taboo subject in the past, but thankfully this is now changing.

Depression will hit you or your partner if you turn away from your natural state of love and connection. If you do this, fear fills your mind and this is why depression is usually associated with anxiety and worry. Most people turn away from self-love at some point in their life, usually following an experience of shock, emotional difficulty or heartbreak.

Depression and anxiety are terrible things to experience, but rest assured they can be healed with some willingness to address the psychological causes.


Here are three ways to loosen the hold that depression has on you (or your partner).

1. Depression becomes a viscous circle - being depressed makes you more depressed, so somehow the cycle must be broken. Therefore think about one thing that makes you more happy than anything else in your life. For instance, let's say it is gardening. Make it a priority to go out and garden everyday - even for a few minutes.

2. Notice how you feel good when you do the things you love. As you experience those feelings, allow them to grow within you and know that this is your true state of being.

3. Reconnect with the people around you. Start giving to them in some way - not materially, but emotionally. What are their fears and needs? Give them what they need and watch how good this makes them feel - and how good you feel in giving to them. This is the best thing you can do if you ever feel down or depressed.

All these actions will help you feel more positive about yourself because they help you to open your heart. If you continue to suffer depression, do visit your doctor or seek other support, or talk about it to a friend - do not be tempted to suffer in silence.



Depression is a horrible thing to suffer from, but you can recover from it if you can reconnect to your natural state of love and connection. My books explain why you might have fallen from such a state and how to return to it.


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