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why did we fall out of love?



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"Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart."

Washington Irving









Fading Love
(Falling Out of Love)

When you started your relationship you had powerful feelings of love towards your partner, but these have now faded.

You have become bored with the relationship and wonder whether it will last.

You just dont feel any love for your partner or wonder why they don't love you.

You suspect that this is the fate of all relationships.

Your relationship probably started with a love-filled 'Honeymoon' period, but, as your partner's needs and insecurities appeared, they would have started behaving in ways that you found difficult. At the same time they would start finding your behaviour difficult.

To protect yourselves from the hurt and emotional pain of unmet needs you would have closed down your hearts. Unfortunately, although this subdues the negative feelings, it makes it impossible to feel or give love to each other.

This means that you still love each other but cannot feel it anymore.


1. Never forget that if you and your partner 'fell in love' with each other when you first met, you can always get back to those feelings today.

2. Ask yourself what needs are not being met for you in the relationship? Then find out from your partner what needs are not being met for them - they will usually be the same that you have.

3. Be willing to meet your partners needs with an open heart. This is an act of loving leadership and will touch your partner so their heart re-opens. They will automatically start meeting your needs and this will bring back the feelings of love.

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