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incompatible partners
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“A heart can be broken, but it will keep beating just the same.”

Fried Green Tomatoes






Incompatible Partners

You are attracted to people who have a different personality from you and this causes problems.

You fall in love with people who are incompatible with you and experience great pain when things go wrong.

You are attracted to wild, rebellious people who a very difficult to live with.

Although you may not realise it, your choice of partner is largely driven subconsciously. You might have brought somebody into your life who struggles to love you because they have unhealed insecurities and emotional issues.

Perhaps you thought you could help them, or that they had something that you didn't have yourself. Or are you carried away by the romance and passion of the early stages of a relationship?

Having a series of relationships with people who are not right for you will stop you finding your true partner. This can happen if you are afraid to commit fully in a long-term relationship.


Here are three ways that will help you bring a true partner into your life:

1. Accept that your true partner is out there. Be really willing to bring that person into your life. To do this you must let go of any fear that you might have of being in an emotionally honest and intimate relationship.

2. Whatever gifts, talents and attraction you see in your incompatible partners, are also present within you. It is time to believe this and to embrace these things, so you do not try to bring them into your life and then suffer the hurt and disappointment when your partner fails to give you these things.

3. Visualise yourself with your perfect partner - make the scene in your mind as vivid as you can. Imagine yourself bonding and working through life's ups and downs, and supporting each other as you do this. Imagine giving and receiving love with each other. Hold this vision with you as much as you can - it will have the effect of attracting your true partner.

If you are with an incompatible partner and would like to work through the various issues that you are facing, you will find more help in other areas of Lovecoach.

If you would like to learn more about the psychology of attraction and romantic choices you will find more on this subject in my book - see below.


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