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jealousy and envy
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"Jealousy is the art of counting someone else's blessings instead of your own"

Author Unknown






Jealousy & Envy

You or your partner feel jealous about another person and this damages your relationship.

Envy can consume you to the extent that you cannot get on with your own life.

You find yourself negatively comparing your lifestyle with your friends and acquaintances.


Jealousy and envy are very destructive emotions - they come from a sense of inadequacy. You or your partner might feel that you do not have the qualities, skills or abilities that other people have. They seem more lucky than you and always seem to fall on their feet. This makes you dislike and judge them.

In a romantic relationship you may feel great jealousy if another person shows interest in your partner. You may fear that they will take your partner away and you will be abandoned.



Here are three ways to reduce feelings of jealousy (adapt the steps if your partner is the one suffering):

1. You can only be jealous if you believe somebody has something that you do not have. Therefore work to appreciate what you do have. Above all, value your relationships as these are much more important than material belongings.

2. At the core of jealousy and envy will be a feeling that you lack love - particularly self-love. Try to understand why you might have lost sight of this gift and heal any insecurities and negative self-beliefs that you find.

3. Notice that the people you are jealous of, also have their own problems and issues. They are probably envious of you! You are complete when it comes to love and your natural/spiritual connections. Accept this and embrace the warmth and comfort that these things bring.


Need More Help?....
My book Bringing Back The Love describes where jealousy and envy originate and how to heal them so you can focus on giving and receiving love with your partner.


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