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lack of commitment
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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Germaine Greer







Fear or Lack of Commitment

You feel that your partner is not fully committed to the relationship.

You feel that your partner might let you down in the future.

You feel that you would be trapped in your current relationship if you commit.

You are finding it difficult to commit yourself and wonder if you are with your true partner.


A lack of commitment comes out of a dependence on our partners. If we rely on them to love us we will begin to feel uncomfortable if they withdraw their love, or if we fall out of love with them. When this happens we will be afraid of becoming stuck in a loveless relationship. This causes us to avoid commitment because we believe that this would tie us down and limit our freedom into the future.

Commitment problems stem from a lack of self-love - losing site of our natural state of love and connection and instead looking for it in the people and world around us. This is always a mistake and makes our relationships unsustainable.



Here are three ways to increase the level of commitment in your relationship:

1. The key to commitment is to remove your dependence on your partner (and to help them remove their's on you). To do this you will need to develop your self-esteem.

2. Even if your partner is not committed at the moment, your increasing self-esteem will make you feel more committed to them. They will feel your open-heartedness and the love that you show them will remind them of their own self-love.

3. Eventually you will re-bond and fall back in love, at which point you will both feel much more committed to each other.

As you can see, the somewhat paradoxical way to get more commitment from our partners is to commit to them and to our own healing.


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