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lack of trust



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"Love all, trust a few"

William Shakespeare









Lack of Trust in a Relationship

Your partner flirts with, or gives undue attention to other people.

Your partner has had one or more affairs in the past and you find it hard to trust them again in your relationship.

Your partner is not open with you and can be secretive and/or dishonest about where they are and what they are doing.

You have checked (or been tempted to check) your partner's mobile phone or emails for incriminating messages.

When you 'fell in love', the emotional needs that you and your partner came with to the relationship were fulfilled and you were happy (The Honeymoon). With time those needs re- appeared and began to cause relationship problems, which then subdued the feelings of love for each other ( see Power Struggle and Dead Zone stages).

If your partner is untrustworthy then they believe that the love has been lost forever. This will make them look outside your relationship for the love that they unconsciously crave.

If your partner has broken your trust in the past you might struggle to rebuild it again and your fear can very easily create more tension that further damages the relationship.

But there is a way through if you really want to rebuild the relationship...




To rebuild trust you will need to show great leadership and have courage and patience to work on your shared issues:

1. Remember how much you trusted your partner at the beginning of your relationship - this was because both of your hearts were open at that time. You can return to that level of trust if you can rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place. You can lead this process.

2. Somehow you must start talking about your feelings, worries and insecurities with your partner. It is only through heartfelt, open and honest communication that you can begin to heal the emotional issues that have damaged your relationship.

3. Recognise that if your partner has strayed, or is tempted to stray, then they are hurting inside.This hurt was present within them before you ever met. Really want to understand your partner's needs and insecurities and be willing to share your own. As you do this your hearts will tend to re-open and the trust will begin to build again.

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