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long distance relationship problems
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"Distance means so little when someone means so much"

Unknown Author







Long-Distance Relationship

You and your partner live at a distance from each other and this puts a strain on your relationship.

You have a pattern of long-distance relationships.

You always seem to be saying goodbye to your partner.

Nothing can be spontaneous in your relationship because it all has to be planned way in advance.


Although it is possible to have a good relationship at a distance, it can slow the bonding process - the relationship can become a series of extended dates.

Choosing a partner at a distance can also be a subtle way of making sure you do not have to commit to them fully. It means you can maintain an independent life and have a relationship when it suits, but at the price of true commitment.

Unfortunately this type of relationship often founders because the level of connection is not sufficient to bring about a feeling of partnership. It also brings on feelings of neediness when parted, and tedium tinged with a sense of sacrifice around the time, effort and expense incurred in traveling.


Here are three things you could do to strengthen a long-distance relationship:

1. Accept that you fell in love for the right reasons but that there is an independence issue for both of you that will need to be worked through.

2. Explore with your partner their feelings about the distance between you before it can become an issue that could derail your relationship. Communication in an open and honest way with each other will protect your relationship and prevent resentments and misunderstandings from appearing.

3. Visualise yourselves coming closer physically - trust that this will happen if you can heal your insecurities. Remember that love will solve all problems if you let it. If it is true that you will one day be together, then that will happen naturally.


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My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand how to manage a long-distance relationship and avoid the independence that it can create.







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