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low self esteem

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"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely"

Carl Jung






Low Self-Esteem & Confidence

You and/or your partner have low self-esteem - you find it hard to feel love for yourself.

You readily accept blame and apologise, even if you have done nothing wrong.

You can feel guilty when others are unhappy, or you fail to meet their expectations.

You often lack-confidence and this makes you step back from speaking your mind or getting involved.


Low self-esteem (self-love) is at the core of all relationship problems and is a result of you or your partner turning away from your natural state of love and connection. This happens when you experience difficult emotional situations when you are young that cause you to take on negative self-beliefs such as guilt and a sense of failure.

Self-esteem, once lowered will tend to deteriorate even further with time because the guilt and sense of inadequacy damage your relationships, which in turn makes you feel even more lacking in love.


Here are three ways to build your self-esteem (or help your partner to do this):

1. It is not true for you to have low self-esteem because your natural state is one of love and connection. Something must have happened in your past (probably your childhood) to convince you that you were personally lacking in love. Try to identify what this was.

2. Let go of any negative self-beliefs such as guilt, inadequacy, or a sense of failure because these are hiding you from who you truly are. My book Lovecoach will take you through this healing process gradually.

3. Even though you might find it hard to do, start giving love and compassion to the people close to you. This will distract the negative parts of your mind and automatically re-open your heart so you can experience self-love.


It isn't possible to love somebody else unless you love yourself. It's an old saying, but it very true. My book will help you do this - see below

My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand why your self-esteem might be low and how to rebuild it so you can experience much more love in your relationships


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