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midlife crisis
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“Midlife crisis is that moment when you realise your children and your clothes are about the same age”

William Tammeus.






Midlife Crisis

You or your partner have reached a point in your lives where you are wondering what life is all about. It might not have lived up to your youthful dreams.

You are questioning your work, relationship, and lifestyle in general.

You may have an urge to leave your relationship or job, and to escape to start a new life.

You have an urge to do adventurous things.

A midlife crisis is a 'wake up call' from a person's deep consciousness. It is telling them that they have allowed themselves to hide their true self behind roles, duties and responsibilities.

If this has happened to your partner or is happening to you, it means that you have closed down your heart, usually over a period of many years. This takes you and your relationship into what is called the Dead Zone (see Stages of a Relationship) , where the amount of felt and expressed love is very limited.

Because you or your partner feel dead, you need to do exciting, risky things to wake your heart up again. Your new lifestyle might do this, but it can appear extreme and worrying to the people around you.


Here are three things you can do to help yourself or your partner through a midlife crisis:

1. Realise that the crisis is a good thing. Although you might feel a bit uneasy about where your life is going, the fact that you have decided to break out of the rather dull and predictable patttern of your old life is the start of a process of renewal.

2. The dead zone comes about because you closed down your heart and stopped feeling all your emotions (to protect yourself from difficult ones). Now the time has come to open your heart again and to experience all your emotions. Work to heal anything negative that comes up.

3. Moving through a midlife crisis is really about finding the real you - somebody who has a big heart, is creative and full of love. This is your natural state and you are well on the way to finding a lifestyle that brings you contentment and joy. Remember that it is your relationships that will bring you lasting and profound levels of happpiness, so embrace them wholeheartedly and invest in them every day.


A midlife crisis is a characteristic of a particular stage of relationships called the Dead Zone - I devote a chapter to this problem in my book (link below)


My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand the mid-lide crisis and use it to open your heart and experience more love in your relationships







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