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money problems
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“I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty"

Groucho Marx






Money Problems

Money is often a cause of worry or disagreements in your relationship.

No matter how much you earn, there never seems enough money to pay the bills and have the life you desire.

You have lots of money but something is still missing from your life, or the money creates other worries and problems.

Although money problems are one of the biggest causes of relationship strife, they usually hide more fundamental emotional issues. A scarcity of money comes about because of a general belief in scarcity, particularly around love.

If you or your partner have slipped from a state of self-love, you will inevitably feel a personal lack of love. You will then project these feelings out into the world and see a lack of love in the people and world around you. Rather than face the painful issue and heal it, you might transfer the scarcity onto many other aspects of life such as money, possessions, time, health and sex.


Here are three things you can do to make your life more abundant:

1. Recognise the times you are in a negative or scarce state of mind. You mind is very powerful at creating your experience so re-train it with a plentiful or abundant attitude, and this is what will appear in your life. This is what underlies the positive-thinking approach to life.

2. Be curious as to why you or your partner might have ended up with a belief in scarcity - that there is not enough to go round. Challenge this belief and explore where it might have originated in your life. Heal any insecurities that arose out of incidents of a perceived scarcity of love in your childhood (see my book Lovecoach for more help with this)

3. Start giving with an open heart with no expectation or need of return. In other words give to the people around you simply for the joy of giving. This will automatically open you up to receive life riches - which are always present.

A belief in scarcity underlies all relationship and emotional problems. This website and my books therefore aim to change your attitude to one of abundance.

Need More Help?....

My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand how a scarcity of mone can be traced back to a belief that there is a personal scarcity of love. It then shows you how to have a more abundant approach to both money and love!


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