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moodiness and grumpiness
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"They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody."

Princess Diana






Moodiness & Grumpiness

Your partner is often moody and withdrawn.

Your partner is often grumpy and irritable, and this makes you feel uncomfortable.

You can sometimes sulk, become moody or are grumpy with your partner because they annoy, irritate or behave in a way that hurts you.

Any negative behaviour can be interpreted as a way of communicating displeasure to our partners - therefore if your partner is moody, grumpy and irritable, they are trying to tell you that they are not happy. They are in some form of emotional pain.

Emotional pain can always be traced back to a lack of self-love - your partner has slipped from their natural state of love and connection and they are trying to tell you this with their moodiness or grumpiness. The problem is that this method of communication just upsets you and will drive you away, having the opposite effect that they desire.

You may of course be doing the same thing to them!


All bad behaviour is a call for love, so to help your partner you will need to inspire them with your own love. Here are three steps to achieving this:

1. Put aside your irritation and hurt and think about what your partner must be feeling to act in a moody or grumpy way. Something is missing for them in the relationship - what could this be?

2. What is missing for you in the relationship? - it will almost certainly be the same thing as for your partner. Start fulfilling this need for your partner.

3. Watch how their mood becomes more positive. If you can genuinely give to your partner, despite their negative behaviour, both of your hearts will open and your problems will fall away. This is an act of leadership and love.

Giving wholeheartedly to your partner can be very difficult, especially if they are behaving in a negative or hurtful way. I discuss this problem in my book - link below...


My book Bringing Back The Love will help you understand why you are your partner might be prone to moodiness and how to heal it.







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