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"Being single doesn't mean your're weak; it means you are strong enough to wait for what you really deserve"






No Partner

You are single and would like to be in a relationship.

You don't seem to meet potential partners.

You are happy on your own, but are now ready to share your life with somebody else.

You can, at times feel lonely.

If you would like to be in a relationship, but have not found a partner there could be a number of reasons for this:

You may like your independence and prefer your own company, so you avoid finding and starting a relationship.

You may have been hurt in the past and are subconsciously defending yourself from being hurt again in the future.

A relationship makes you more intimate with another person and this will bring up your hidden fears and insecurities. By staying single you will not have to face these.

You are emotionally sensitive, have a big heart and fall in love very deeply. This may make you afraid to venture yourself in case you lose the love one day.


Here are three things you could do to invite a partner into your life:

1. The most attractive thing about anyone is when they are natural, authentic and have high self-esteem. Develop these things and start revealing your true self.

2. Look at any resistance you might have to sharing your life intimately with another person. Let go of these reasons. Really want to be in a relationship and visualise yourself with a loving partner.

3. Start doing things that get you out and bring you into contact with new people. Don't go out deliberately searching for a partner - just have fun. A partner will appear when you are genuinely ready for one - and this will often be when you least expect it to happen.

Remember you are beautiful and somebody is waiting to share their life with you - isn't it time they found you!

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