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not being valued by partner
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"We cannot value somebody else unless we value ourselves"






Partner Doesn't Value You

Your partner does not behave in a way that makes you feel valued.

You partner is selfish and does not notice you, even when you have a problem.

You feel insignificant and unloved by your partner.

The lack of value that you are feeling is related to three key issues:

Your partner has forgotten how much they love and value you.

You find it difficult to value yourself, so you withdraw to protect yourself in the relationship. This creates a distance between you and your partner.

Your partner does not value themselves, so they find it hard to value you.


Here are three things you can do that will help you to feel more valued by your partner.

1. Write down all the skills, talents and qualities that you have. If you find this difficult, ask a friend to tell you what they value about you. Regularly remind yourself of this list - it will help you to value yourself.

2. Remind your partner how much you loved each other at the beginning of your relationship. Talk about how it felt to fall in love, and how much it meant to you. Embrace those wonderful feelings again.

3. To help your partner value themselves, think of one thing that you really value them for, and tell them this. If your appreciation is genuinely heartfelt, their own heart will open and they will begin to value you again.

Need More Help?....

My book Bringing Back The Love describes in detail how you can end up feeling un-valued by your partner. The book also shows you how to heal this issue and build your self-esteem so you can find true love.












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