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Legal Notice - Medical Advice
All advice in this website is given in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted by the website owners for issues or problems that occur as a consequence of using the website content. If you have any concerns about your psychological health you are advised to contact a doctor or other suitably qualified medical/psychiatric practioner.

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Sharing & Privacy

1. Social Networking

If you wish to send to selected friends, family and colleagues and so maintain your privacy, please use the Facebook Send button or the + Email Share button, as this allows you to select recipients of your link or message. If you want to share more generally with your whole friendship group, use the Facebook Like button,

The social networking sharing tools provided on this site are intended to make it easier for you to share useful content with your friends, colleagues and family. Please think carefully about how you use these tools and who will read your suggested links. The website owners cannot accept responsibility for any damage or problems caused to your relationships through the use of the social networking sharing tools. Please also be aware that when you send information through social networking websites that they may use your preferences to link you with information outside this site that they believe you will find useful, including third-party marketing information.

2. Email Address

Your email address that is used to subscribe to our newsletter/article will only be used to send you the newsletter/article or to inform you of changes to the website or our service that might be of interest to you. It will not br passed to a third party for marketing purposes. It is held on a proprietary website - icontact.com who have the same privacy policy with regard to emails as ourselves.









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