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"Ones fear of rejection is ones fear of love "

Alexandria Honey






Feeling Rejected or Ignored

You feel you have been rejected with the ending of your relationship.

You have a noticed pattern of rejection in your relationships.

Your partner is ignoring you and hurting you with their behaviour.

Feeling rejected is a very painful feeling and can take away your confidence. This can make it hard to continue with your life successfully.

It comes about because you have given too much power to your partner and become dependent on them for your happiness. If they leave you, you might decide that they did this because there is something wrong with you. This is always a mistake because it ignores the fact that your partner has their own insecurities and emotional issues.

If you have a pattern of feeling rejected you need to look to see if you are subconsciously rejecting yourself (feeling unworthy of love).


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My book Bringing Back The Love explains why we can feel rejected by our partners and how to move on from these feelings and build a really successful relationship.


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