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“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”







Unsatisfying Sex Life

Your sex life is unsatisfying.

You or your partner are bored or uninterested in sex.

Sex causes you or your partner to feel guilty and withdraw emotionally from each other.

Sex has become a physical release or source of gratification, rather than a celebration of your love for each other.

Sex is the most intimate activity that you can engage in with another person. It brings you close to them physically as well as emotionally, but this will tend to trigger your hidden insecurities and fears.

Sexual problems usually arise because the intimacy makes you afraid that your partner will see the negative aspects of your personality. Any lack of self-esteem or suppressed guilt may be revealed in your close sexual encounters, so you will subconsciously avoid them.

If sex is triggering any of your hidden insecurities and anxieties, your natural tendency will be to move away from your partner and avoid any further sexual activity. You may engage in sex for short-term gratification, but it will lose its capacity as a celebration of love.


Here are three ways to improve the quality of your sex life:

1. Recognise that sex is not just a way of experiencing sensual pleasure - it is the most powerful way you have of connecting in love with your partner - that is why it is called 'making love' .

2. Talk about sex in an emotionally meaningful way with your partner. Find out what they need and like, and tell them what you need and like during sex. Take the time to fulfil these needs for each other. Don't forget to have some fun!

3. Identify and heal any emotional insecurities that you and your partner might have as these will be keeping you apart physically. As you become more confident about your sexuality and your sexual relationship you can increasingly bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your partnership. This so called tantric approach to sex will take you to unimaginable heights of pleasure and ecstasy.

We all want to have a good sex life, but all sorts of issues can get in the way. I have therefore devoted a whole chapter to sex and 'making love' in my book.

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My book Bringing Back The Love will help you have a wonderful, fulfilling sex life that bonds you ever closer with your partner.







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