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"Ever has it been that love knows not its depth until the hour of separation "

Kahil Gibran






Short-Lived Relationships

You don't have too much trouble finding partners, but the relationships are usually short-lived.

You fall deeply in love with somebody, but all too soon problems arise in the relationship.

You are continually being left in a relationship.

You have had a string of one-night-stands that never turn into long-term relationships.

Short-lived relationships are usually an indication that you are either choosing the wrong type of person, or that your insecurities around relationships are causing you to either leave too early. Or for similar reasons, your partner leaves you before the relationship has had a chance to develop.

A relationship brings us close together with another person both physically and emotionally. Such intimacy will always bring up emotional issues and insecurities around unmet needs that both partners have subconsciously chosen not to deal with in their lives. When this happens the level of emotional pain increases to the point that one or both partners may bail out, rather than deal with the issues (This is part of what is called a Power Struggle). In many cases this spoils what could otherwise develop into a long-term, successful relationship.


Here are three things you could do end power struggles and form a longer lasting relationship:

1. The first thing you must do is check that you are inviting the right sort of person into your life - see Incompatible Partner for more help with this issue.

2. As soon as your needs rise to the surface in a new relationship (or you see your partner's needs come up, usually with challenging behaviour) you must stop and avoid any blame of your partner. Instead understand that they are in emotional pain. This is a critical time for your new relationship.

3. Having caught the start of the power struggle, determine to bring the love back to your relationship through your leadership. Start a conversation about what you are feeling and ask your partner what they are feeling. Find out what need is not being met for both of you - it will be the same. Fulfill this need in the best way you can. This will bring the love back and then you will need to look deeper for the causes of the needs and insecurities that come with them.


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