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shy and self conscious
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"Natural, empathic leaders often start out shy and self conscious"






Shy & Self-Conscious

You often feel shy, particularly with strangers.

You can feel self-conscious - at times you wish the earth would just swallow you up!

You have never felt completely comfortable in your own skin.

Your shyness or self-consciousness is damaging your relationship and life.

Shyness is caused by a desire to hide away and not be seen, and is usually associated with being self-conscious. The hiding is a response to low self-esteem - not liking/loving ourselves because we don't feel we are good enough, or that we have done something wrong.

If you or your partner are shy, you will be very sensitive emotionally and it is this that has overwhelmed you. You may be surprised to learn that this sensitivity shows that you have a gift of empathic leadership.



Here are three ways to put an end to feeling shy or self-conscious:

1. The most important thing you can do is to realize that your shyness hides your greatest gift - your big, loving heart. It has made you a very sensitive person, but this has caused you to attack yourself emotionally.

2. At some point you stopped loving yourself - something must have caused you to doubt yourself. Try to identify this situation and understand that this was a mistake. Work to build your self-esteem.

3. Your shyness means that you are meant to be a leader in your relationship and in your life - somebody who can inspire others with your heart and help them find more love for themselves. Start to lead by answering the calls for help that you see around you. Your shyness and self-consciousness will then fall away.


My book, Lovecoach describes in detail how your self-esteem can be damaged during experiences with your childhood, and how you can rebuild it again.


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