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spiritual differences
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“We know perfectly well how to be spiritual. It's being human that we have trouble with.”

Renee Bledsoe






Spiritual Differences

You feel there is a lack of spirituality in your relationship.

You are interested in developing your spirituality, but your partner finds this threatening, or is completely uninterested.

Your partner is very spiritual and/or religious, and this excludes you.

A level of spiritual connection is common in closely bonded relationships, but the extent that this is expressed may vary between two partners. For some people it may be an unspoken sense of deep connection, whilst others will be much more overt in their spiritual or religious practice. This can cause problems if it becomes out of balance in the relationship. Some people are simply non-believers and find it threatening to have other people's spiritual values imposed on them.

For those who become deeply spiritual, there may be a temptation to ignore mortal connections in favour of feelings of divine connection. This then results in withdrawal from loved ones and all the emotional problems that this can bring.


Here are three things you can do if your partner is less interested than you in their spirituality:

1. In the first instance, do not worry about your partner or expect them to 'get it' in terms of spirituality. Focus on your own emotional healing and spiritual development.

2. If you are embracing your spirituality, you will be acting as a loving role-model for your partner. Somebody who is truly at peace and spiritually connected to Universal or Divine love will be irresistible. Your partner will want some of what you have!

3. If your partner is negative about, or attacks your spiritual efforts, realise that this is a deep reflection of your own spiritual resistance or rebellion. Use there behaviour as a way of understanding how you might be avoiding critical issues in your spiritual growth.

Of course don't forget to pray and ask for God's (or what ever you believe in's) help that your partner might find their own faith.

If you find this useful you will enjoy reading my book (link bleow) as it describes an approach to life and relationships that is under-pinned by a non-religious spirituality

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My book Bringing Back The Love will help you see how falling in love and your spirituality are the same thing - and it will show you how to live this truth with a partner who has yet to discover their spirituality.







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