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stress and burnout
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"The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it." 

Author Unknown





Stress & Burnout

You and/or your partner are often stressed, irritable and tired.

You and/or your partner are close to, or have already experienced burnout, a feeling that you cannot give any more, or that you are overwhelmed and cannot cope with any more stress.

You or your partner feel stuck in your life and can't see how to move forward.

The quality of your sex life has deteriorated because you both feel so exhausted.

It can seem that stress and burnout simply happen when we work too hard, or have too many responsibilites, but there is a deeper psychological reason.

If you or your partner are stressed and feel burnt out, it shows that you are avoiding dealing with an important issue in your relationship or life. Hard work will make you tired, but this becomes overwhelming when there are unresolved emotional issues.

You may be making sure that you are always busy as a way of distracting yourself from difficult relationship issues.


Here are three ways to remove stress from your life and avoid burnout:

1. Take stock and notice how your life is too busy - that you have little or no quality time for yourself, your family or your interests. Determine to change this situation.

2. There is an emotional issue that you have not addressed, either personally or within the relationship. Your hard, stressful life is probably compensating for these unpleasant issues. Therefore start addressing them by talking with your partner about them.

3. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself quality time and do what you love doing. What are you passionate about, but have not had time to do? Do that thing today - even if it is just planning it or researching it. Also give yourself time for thought and contemplation. Take up some form of meditation.


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