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Psychology of Vision Triangle Model Explained



The Psychology of Vision Triangle Model was created by psychologist Dr C. Spezzano and his wife Lency. It is a ground-breaking holistic model for understanding and improving the quality of our relationships. In fact is describes what it is to be human - our thoughts and feelings as well as our hopes and fears. It charts our psychological evolution and identifies a number phases and stages that we typically move through in life. This website and my books are built around this model, a simplified version of which is shown below. See if you can identify the current stage of your relationship or life from the descriptions below...

Larger scale, printable PDF of model
Full Psychology of Vision Model (Best printed to read small type)

Copyright for model held by Dr. C. Spezzano, 2006


The model starts at the bottom left-hand corner with birth and then we follow it round in a clockwise direction. First we can recognise a phase of Dependence where we rely on other people for our well-being


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Black type (outside triangle) - Traps and Problems

Blue type (inside triangle) - Solutions to problems and how you can gain self-awareness and improve your relationships


NEEDS - We all come into the world with needs - physical, emotional and spiritual. We are instinctively aware of the physical dangers around us and the risk of abandonment. We are dependent on other people for our survival and for our needs to be met. Our need for love is paramount in our healthy emotional development

Understanding the importance of needs in human relationships and learning to recognise when they are having a negative impact on your life. Learning how to avoid neediness.

HEARTBREAK - Our emotional problems begin when we believe our needs have not been met, particularly our need for love. It is by being loved and cared for that we learn how to love ourselves, others and form successful relationships. The disappointment, grievance and heartbreak of this stage leads to negative, attention-seeking behaviours that are a call for love. Alternatively we may give up on ourselves and withdraw from life.

Moving to a state of acceptance about your earliest emotional experiences and appreciating how these have set up potentially damaging relationship patterns in your life.

GUILT - From the sadness and pain of heartbreak we begin to draw some damaging conclusions about ourselves, other people and about love. We will tend to resent and blame the people who we believe have failed to meet our needs (often our parents), then we blame ourselves for having failed them This creates a sense of personal failure, inadequacy and guilt. It damages our self-esteem and capacity for self-love and most crucially creates a distance in our relationships.

Learning to forgive the people around you for any grievance or disappointment and to forgive yourself for having let them down. Building self-esteem and self-love. Removing judgment. This is the most critical element of our approach and we will help and support you through this often challenging process.

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