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...helping you find true love and happiness through your relationships

"If you want to know what's going on in your man's mind, why he behaves in such weird and wonderful ways - read Peter Granger's book now - and learn how easy it is to experience those loving feelings, not occasionally, but ongoing - every woman's right!!"


"Your book is awesome!, which I finished reading yesterday. Should be best seller. Eminently well-written, profound and very brave. Well done. I wish I had the benefit of such wisdom 20 years ago. It has helped me immensely in understanding my partner, myself and other relationships".

The author, Peter Granger's biography




- Discover the secrets of finding and sustaining true love with a man

- Understand why those powerful feelings of love that you felt when you first met can fade, and learn how to get them back again

- Learn what makes a man 'tick' when it comes to love and relationships

- Understand why your man might be afraid to love you

- Learn how to lead your relationship to a much happier, passionate and fulfilling place

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The Chapters...

1. Love, But Not As We Know It
Turning everything you know about love on it’s head

2. Big Boys Do Cry
Men and their emotions

3. Hopelessly Dependent On You
The origins of fear, needs and low self-esteem

4. Naughty Little Boy
The feelings that men hate to experience

5. Your Hero
Why a man has a need for control

6. Fading Love
How a fear of emotions will eventually destroy a relationship

7. Caught In A Trap
Why the relationship with our opposite sex parent is so important

8. The Wise Women Speak
Communicating about the things that matter in a relationship

9. Bringing Back The Love
How to become the leader in your relationship

10. Making Love
How to have the best sex of your life

11. Love On A Higher Plane
Bringing spirituality to your relationship

12. Everlasting Love
How to create the relationship of your dreams

This is an E- BOOK - available as a PDF file that can be read on any computer with an Adobe PDF Reader and some E-Readers

Online Purchase Currently disabled. If you would this e-book please contact me through email and I wil send it to you for free!

The file is a PDF, 193 pages, 1.12 mbytes)

You will need Acrobat Reader to read the ebook which can be downloaded for free
click here to download it from the Adobe website

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