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Useful Websites

Below are a number of useful links that are related to the areas of relationship, life and career coaching, business and personal development. The owners of iloveyouloveme.com can accept no responsibility for the content of these third-party websites not for any consequences that arise out of using these sites.

Relate - Relationship Counselling Experts
The UK site for the RELATE organisation who have offices throughout the country to help you with you relationship and marriage problems

The Samaritans
If you need immediate help and counselling or just need somebody to talk to about your problems, The Samaritans run a 24-hour helpline in the UK
n the UK Tel: 08457 90 90 90
In Republic of Ireland Tel: 1850 60 90 90
For the rest of the world see: www.befrienders.org who network to similar services in other countries.

Greatvine lets you talk on the phone to the country's best experts, whenever you need. We've hand-picked the leading specialists in over 100 topics - from breastfeeding and baby sleep to anxiety and depression, diet and nutrition, creative writing and even starting a business.

Speak immediately, or schedule a call when it suits you. Help is at hand!

BBC Relationships Resource
Lots of useful information and resources about relationships in the normal high-quality offering of the BBC Horsesmouth Mentoring Community

Horsesmouth is a safe and moderated online platform for informal
mentoring. It connects people seeking support and guidance on the big issues
of life - education, career, work, family and health - with others who are
willing to give and share from the benefit of their own experiences.

Opra Winfrey on Relationships
Oprah Winfrey has done a great deal to promote personal devleopment and succusseful relationships. This website is full of useful information and interesting stories.Emotional Intelligence in Business
www.inspired2lead.co.uk A site set up by Peter Granger, owner of www.iloveyouloveme.com for improving emotional intelligence in business and organisations through inspirational leadership

A practical and focused approach to emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Self Image, Colour & Self Esteem and Help for Breast Cancer Patients
www.liberty-works.co.uk A chance to work on the all important relationship with yourself! Building self-esteem from the inside out.

More information about the stages of relationships that form the foundation of the
Psychology of Vision Triangle Model

The Happiness Project
www.happiness.co.uk The website for Robert Holden's approach to happiness and well-bring - recently
featured on the Ophra Winfrey show.

Miranda Macpherson
www.mirandamacpherson.com If you are looking for more meaning in life or a spiritual approach to relationships, Miranda is a master in this sort of self-development.

www.ecademy.com A useful network site. The business exchange that connects people to knowledge, contacts, support and other businesses.

Music for Parties and Celebration
For those special occasions, parties and weddings here is a high quality live duo to help your celebrations go with a swing!

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