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I could not have created this website without the profound teaching that I received from my friends in the Psychology of Vision organisation. Particular thanks go to Chuck and Lency Spezzano, founders of the organisation and originators of the Triangle Relationship Model, on which much of this website is based. Over the years they have taught many trainers and workshop participants in their methods. Their dedication in applying their principles and sharing these with the people around them is truly inspiring. Thank you


Please Note: The Psychology of Vision organisation has no responsibility for the contents of, or views expressed within this website.

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Recommended Workshops

This site is based on the work of Chuck and Lency Spezzano and uses their Psychology of Vision relationship model. Having experienced profound and highly positive changes in my life since attending The Psychology of Vision workshops, I can thoroughly recommend them for anybody wishing to understand themselves and others better. For more information about their UK and worldwide events, click on the list of links to the left.

The Format of Workshops

Although much can be achieved in the one-to-one setting of a coaching session, there are considerable advantages in working in groups on emotional and indeed spiritual issues. By sharing experiences we realise that we are not alone and begin to bond and re-connect in what are often extraordinary ways with the people around us. This joining is a central theme of our workshops and everything we do is aimed for this profound realisation.

Workshops vary in size from a few people to many hundreds and can be just one-day or up to ten days in duration. The format is deliberately unstructured because we believe in allowing the workshop process to flow and for situations to unfold naturally. Workshops are essentially directed by the participants who bring and volunteer issues to the group. Nobody is forced or coerced into participating, although we do encourage people to share their life experiences as a way of helping others as well as themselves. We ensure that the environment of a workshop is safe, confidential and full of integrity.

The workshop facilitator will generally work through an issue with a participant as the 'focus person', explaining how they might better understand why certain situations have developed in their relationships. The will always be an encouragement to experience the feelings that lie within issues because it is through this level of emotional expression that healing can occur. There will then be a period of group exercise, again with one participant as the focus, in which they will be given the opportunity to work on their issue. This will often involve replicating situations and relationship dynamics that lie at the core of an issue, so that unhelpful beliefs and feelings can be let go.

During workshops, each participant will pair up with a buddy or coaching partner in order to discuss matters in more detail and if desired, in confidence. outside the main workshop. Short assignments or exercises are normally given during lunch breaks or in the evening of multi-day workshops to focus the learning.

On occasions a powerful method called Joining will be introduced that helps participants to unearth deeply held negative feelings and let them go.

All participants are offered ongoing support during and following a workshop.

Style of the Workshops

Our workshops and our coaching are often inspiring, profound and life-changing. We are proud of this, but for these transformations to happen all of us, including the facilitators, need to find the willingness and courage to unearth our fears and insecurities and shine light on them so that they dissolve. This is the main objective of our workshops and coaching.

We therefore provide as safe and supportive an atmosphere as possible with highly trained facilitators who have been through these processes themselves over many years, and support staff on hand to help people with any difficulties they might be having.

As issues and problems are healed there is invariably an outpouring of love, connection and joy and this has a hugely beneficial effect on participants. The workshops may cover some dark and sad issues but they are also full of humour and fun. The workshops are real adventures that add incredible colour and depth to one's life and for many people their first workshop is the beginning of a life-time's journey of re-discovery.

The workshops use the Psychology of Vision Triangle Model which includes both psychological and spiritual explanations. The spiritual aspects of our workshops are optional. Great benefit can be gained from the psychology alone, but most people have a deeper yearning for meaning, which is fully provided for in the Psychology of Vision approach. The approach is non-religious and multi-denominational and is inclusive of all spiritual paths that embrace love and forgiveness as their central truth.

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